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Bonus Package



If you purchase God for Grown Ups on Weds May 25th You will receive the bonus package listed below. Please use the following link to buy the book on Amazon – buy here

After you order the book please go here to claim your bonus package.

Here is the Bonus package:

A zip file with God for Grown Ups in ebook format – includes file for kindle reader, Barnes & Noble Nook reader, Sony eReader as well as pdf file. Use your favorite reader and take God for Grown Ups with you on the go.



Gnani Yoga – The Yoga of Wisdom by Yogi Ramacharaka – this is a package that includes teachings on Gnani Yoga as well as the rights to resell this book.



Loving Yourself and Others – Learning to love more is a very important spiritual compnent, you also have the full rights to this book as well.





Self Improvement eGuide – you have private label rights to this book. A quick guide on strategies to conquer those areas in your life that you want to improve.








How to Stay Young – A short guide on tips for staying young and healthy – you have private label rights to this book.

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