Truth and Spiritual Seekers

Truth – it is what all spiritual seekers are looking for – but at times seems hard to define. There is a very good reason for this. Absolute truth – the “meaning of it all” is beyond words. As the famous Taoist saying goes – “The Tao which can be spoken is not the true Tao”. Ultimate truth can be experienced – but even those who experience it can not find the words to describe it. Thus the manifestation of all the books and religions over the centuries, all trying to get at that truth beyond words. And, of course, some have come much closer than others to giving us a taste of that Divine Truth.

So we can say that in a relative way there has been truth put forward. What Buddha taught directly to his students was truth, what Jesus taught to his disciples was truth, what Mohammed taught to his followers was truth. The poetry of Rumi expressed truth. What my teacher, Oscar Ichazo has taught me is truth, what I am learning from Abraham/Terah through Nina Ferrell and Eva Gregory is truth. But all of these wonderful teachings are also all belief systems, because they are still trying to describe something that is beyond words. Whenever you mold the experience of ultimate truth to fit into language and thoughts it will not be the whole truth. As the saying goes – it is like pointing at the moon with your finger and then mistaking your finger for the moon.

This is where tolerance must come into play. We need to let go of the idea that we have the answer. That our system is the one true way of describing absolute truth – because in reality there is no way and there are many ways. When we start to see that there are many “truths” out there then we become free to embrace more, to open ourselves to the wonder of more human experience. And that is ultimately what we are here to do, play the fascinating game of – I am a human being on this planet at this moment.

Now the tricky part comes in because it is also possible to have a belief system that does not even touch on the nature of absolute truth. As spiritual seekers we need to be able to discern those belief systems (or truths) which are based on a real and experiential understanding of the Divine and are trying their best to point to that truth, versus those systems of belief which are 100% man made and have no idea of the true Divine Nature of our existence. Many religions have taken the original teachings that created their particular version of the truth and layered on lots of human structures and new ego based belief systems that bear no resemblance to the original message.

So while in absolute terms all belief systems are just that, and none are “better” than others, it is still true that as a spiritual seeker you will find it more productive and ultimately more satisfying to follow a system that is “pointing at the moon” versus one that is pointing at the ground but thinks it is pointing at the moon.

Luckily it is not that difficult to be able to make the distinction between a system that is still pointing to Divine Truth and one that has become strictly a product of human egos. This is true because all the people who have had the experience of absolute truth teach one thing in common, they all teach that God is Love and Compassion. So we can simply see if a religion or belief system is oriented in that direction. Does this system teach love and compassion for all beings? Is it open to all? Does it teach of God as pure Love and Compassion – which means God does not judge you and God does not make rules that you must obey or be punished? And, because love and compassion are tied to a lightness of being, does it embrace humor and lightheartedness? Does it teach tolerance of others and understanding that their system is not the only way? If so then that belief system, or truth, is on the right path, it is pointing toward the Divine Nature of All and it will do no harm to those who decide it resonates with them.

So find your path – the one that sings to you and that embraces the unending love and compassion that is the source of all life and all that is. And then open yourself to the wondrous idea that there are many versions of that same truth and experience as much of it as you can. And then the love, light and compassion will grow in you and shine to all of those around you.

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